Sunday, December 06, 2009

The "best of" canoe trip stories 2005 - 2009

Can you believe it, this blog is almost five years old!

I was prompted to review old posts today when I had a request for some canoe trip stories from a British journalist. I made a list of links to send her and was astonished at the amount of stuff I have collected over the last few years. It was also an interesting review of the evolution of this blog. In the early days, when I was still using dial-up (and really SLOW dial-up it was), blogging was really time-consuming and posting pictures was out of the question. Now that I have reasonable high-speed via satellite, I can post pictures, embed videos and all kinds of exotic things. Yes, even though your Crackberry will work in the store, we still do not have DSL or cable out here in Oxtongue Lake.

You'll notice that unlike my colleague Randy Mitson, I have not changed the format of the blog at all or added a lot of gadgets and graphics. Randy's "AO retail and events blog" is more promotional and marketing oriented, so needs snazzy graphics and gizmos, while I see this blog as more of a story-telling and newsletter kind of thing. Plus, Randy is more inclined that way and I am more inclined to keep it simple and word-oriented. Yes, I am still "blogging it old-school in 2009."

It occurred to me that maybe some of my loyal blog readers might like a little review and blast from the past, so here it is, Gordon Baker's pick of the "best of" canoe trip stories from the last few years. Happy reading!

• A nice couple from Manchester make a video of their canoe trip

• The same nice couple from Manchester go on a 17 day canoe trip and send some pics and a story

• A different take on a tragic day

• Some of our staff take a holiday

• Pictures and story of a challenging trip on the Petawawa River

• A British military expedition in Algonquin, with a link to a great UK canoe blog

• Random photos highlighting some special customers and what we do

• German journalist goes on a canoe trip, with a link to her article with nice pics

• A family from the UK reports on their interesting guided trip

• A reminder that Mother Nature is very powerful

• Photos and paintings by an artist that loves Algonquin Park and Algonquin Outfitters

• More photos and paintings by an artist that loves Algonquin Park and Algonquin Outfitters

• A great story of humourous misadventure, see links to parts two and three included

• The grim reality of early June

• Memorial to a memorable client from the UK and a link to some of his great photos

• A fantastic essay from one of our guides about why people need to go on canoe trips

• People seem to like us

• The dark side of nature and some thoughts on evolution

• Another family from the UK writes about their adventure

• A very challenging canoe trip we dreamed up, links included to parts 2, 3, 4 and the map

• My own report about a trip to Lake Superior

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