Monday, October 02, 2006

Trip report from Germany

I received this e-mail from Julia Weidenbach, a German journalist. She and her partner Joachim went on a guided canoe trip with us last year and now the story is on-line. I can't read German so I ran the link through the Google translator. Try it yourself, though be prepared to read a rather stilted version the story. For those of you who know our guide Pete, the translated version is especially entertaining! The story includes some really nice pictures of Algonquin Park in the early fall.

Hello Gordon,

last year my partner and I went on a canou trip with Algonquin
Outfitters: Pete was our guide. We enjoyed the trip very much although
we weren't lucky and hardly saw any animals.

The arcticle I wrote is published on the website of a large women's
magazine here in Germany. Although you can't read any German I thought it
might be interesting for you to know. Please say hello to Pete - he is
in the pictures of the arcitcle:

Greetings from Hamburg

Julia Weidenbach

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