Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Algonquin Outfitters sponsoring two first aid courses in June

Get prepared for a wilderness emergency!
Outdoor enthusiasts wanting to be more prepared in the outdoors can take advantage of two wilderness first aid courses in Oxtongue Lake this June. Both courses are being run by Sirius Wilderness Medicine and are being sponsored locally by Algonquin Outfitters and the Wolf Den Bunkhouse. Both courses are being held at the Wolf Den Bunkhouse, 30 km east of Huntsville on Hwy 60, just past Algonquin Outfitters' Oxtongue Lake store.

Learn from the pros at Sirius:
Sirius Wilderness Medicine specializes in custom courses for groups and organizations, which are designed around participants' needs and the environments they work or live in. They have extensive experience developing and implementing wilderness first aid programs in the outdoor industry, at summer camps, in government departments as well as native communities in northern Quebec and Ontario. Sirius Wilderness Medicine's certification is recognized by outdoor programs and associations across Canada and abroad.

The introductory course:
The first course, WILDERNESS FIRST AID, takes place Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3. This is an experientially based 16-hour course designed for individuals who will be participating in outdoor activities within hours of medical assistance. The course will provide participants with an introduction to wilderness first aid. Basic topics are covered with an emphasis on practical skills, decision making and dealing with environmental conditions. A valid CPR certificate is the only pre-requisite. Those without CPR can sign up for the optional evening certification session (includes defibrillation). Topics covered include Backcountry Management of Shock, Patient Assessment, Injury Management and Treatment, First Aid Kits and Supplies, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies and Managing Medical Problems. Course tuition is $195.00 and the optional CPR-AED session is $50.00 (taxes extra).

The advanced course:
The second, and more in-depth, course is called WILDERNESS FIRST AID FOR OUTDOOR LEADERS. It takes place Thursday to Sunday, June 7-10. This 40-hour course has become a minimum standard for outdoor professionals, guides and instructors who work in a wilderness setting. Course content extends beyond urban-based first aid programs to include elements inherent in leading groups in the outdoors and guiding wilderness adventures. Special emphasis is placed on prevention of injuries, accident scene management, leadership, leader responsibility and liability, advanced first aid kits, wound management and managing the trauma victim. Again, a valid CPR certificate is a pre-requisite and those without CPR can sign up for the optional CPR-AED certification session on the first evening. Many topics of the two-day course are covered in more depth, along with additional sessions such as Wilderness Emergency Care, Leader Responsibilities and Liability, Leadership and Accident Scene Management, Backcountry implications of CPR, Vitals - Establishing a Baseline, Backcountry Wound Management, Common Expedition Problems and Long-term Patient Care & Monitoring. Course tuition is $385.00 and the optional CPR-AED session is $50.00 (taxes extra).

Contact for info and registration:
More details on both courses can be found at www.siriusmed.com. To register, please contact Sirius directly by calling toll-free: (877) 982-0066. Sirius will provide an information sheet to each participant.

Need accommodation?
Out-of-town people, or those wishing to avoid commuting, can stay at the Wolf Den. The Wolf Den offers three styles of accommodation for participants in the WFA program: dorm (8 beds/room) at $20/night; semi private room (4 beds/room) at $25/night; or private room (2 beds/room) at $30/night. There is a large kitchen for the use of guests with a fridge, stove, pots, plates and utensils. participants should bring their own bath towel and toilet articles. To reserve, contact the Wolf Den directly at 635-9336, toll-free, (866) 271-9336, or by e-mail.