Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Unsolicited praise for AO

Every now and then, we get a nice letter from a customer, telling us how much they like us. We are always happy to get tehse and now we have a forum to share!

Here's one from a longtime, loyal customer, reprinted with permission:

Some thoughts about what Algonquin Outfitters has meant to me and my family

I have always experienced great excitement every time I see the two A/O billboards telling me my favourite Wilderness Outfitter is just a few miles away. For the last 10 or more years, A/O has been my outfitter of choice for both my family canoe trips and also for my 'marathon' canoe trips with my cousin.

A/O delivers great 'Service': knowledge, patience and attention to detail. They CARE about their customers and it shows. Where else do you find a sales person that spends whatever amount of time it takes for a customer to be comfortable with his or her ultimate choice in paddles, gear, etc.? That advice has extended to canoe route planning and canoe rental recommendations.

When winter comes, we are lured back to experience the Annual A/O Winter Assembly. First my wife and I, and then we returned with our children and their family. There is always good fun, a warm bonfire, snow shoeing, dog sledding, and just good winter enjoyment.

My family and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at A/O. I look forward to my next return to my favourite Wilderness Outfitter.

Jay N. R.
A Grateful Customer

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