Monday, March 26, 2012


Satellite image from today. Lake Opeongo is just right of centre.

This year will set another early ice-out record. Looks like a lot of ice is left in Big Trout but other than that Algonquin Park is mostly open water. High winds will have pushed any remaining ice into the south ends of many lakes. The water is still frigid and the expected low tonight is -12 C. I'd recommend waiting a bit before going on a canoe trip.


  1. kevin4:06 AM

    Wait a bit? is easter weekend enough?

  2. I would be very cautious about early-season canoeing. It is still winter up here and anything can happen. Have a look at the forecast for the next week, for example. Definitely not conducive to canoe-camping even if there is open water. Several lakes I saw on the drive to work were skimmed over this morning with new ice. If you are thinking about an Easter trip, I would suggest keeping your eye on the weather and definitely have a Plan B. Even if paddling seems like a bad idea, it could be a great time to go for a hike.

    Algonquin park weather:

  3. kevin3:48 PM

    would you recommend a day trip at all or do you advise against that too