Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winter's last gasp?

The recent span of sunny warm weather has got many people thinking that spring has sprung. Most of the snow has disappeared, I've seen people in shorts, we've had calls and emails from folks thinking they would be going on a canoe trip this weekend and robins have been sighted in Huntsville. On top of that, the big lakes in Huntsville area, like Fairy and Peninsula, will likely be ice-free by the end of this week. Before you get too excited, take a look at today's weather forecast:

Things will be firming up a bit for the weekend! Now take a look at some pictures of Oxtongue Lake, taken this morning. I would estimate that the ice here is eight to ten inches thick and quite solid. Pounding with my foot, I could not break up the edge of ice by the dock.

A little open water where Outfitter Creek flows into Oxtongue Lake

Utah checks out the Quinzee - not even suitable for a dog house!

Even the open water was iced over this morning. 
Where is a dog to get a drink?

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