Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opeongo is going to Opeongo this summer!

We like getting emails from customers and friends telling us about heir adventures and what Algonquin Park means to them. This is a great one:

My name is Jessica H----. I met a colleague of yours at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto. He said that I should email you as he enjoyed my puppy. I have attached a picture of my puppy, a border collie, lab, german shepherd mix. I named her Opeongo. I named her Opeongo after Opeongo Rd and lake. I have been coming to Algonquin Park since I was a young child. I first learned to canoe and kayak on Lake Opeongo. I have also been fortunate enough to see a moose rut take place off of Opeongo Rd., feed my first gray jay, see my first wolf and learn to love the wild world around me. It is because my parents took me there as a child that I went on to become a biologist and an avid outdoors-woman. I hope that my new puppy will become a dog that I will be able to take traveling with me in Algonquin Park. This summer I will be bringing Opeongo to Algonquin Park to hike and camp with and also to show her the lake that I named her after. My favorite dog and my favorite park!
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