Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ice pictures from April 14

Hmmm. Three inches of new snow fell in some areas of Algonquin Park this past weekend, including Opeongo Lake. Staff at the Harkness fisheries research lab claim that with the sun and wind last week, at least 5" of surface ice was lost on Lake Opeongo. Of course, that leaves only about two feet to go. The good news is that daytime highs of 20 degrees are expected all over Algonquin Park later this week, so that should get things rolling. Thanks again to Jerry Schmanda, pictured at right, standing on his favourite lake, for taking the photos.

AO's Opeongo Store, as seen from the lake on April 14
As you can see, rental canoes are out and ready to go.
Note the snow on the roof!

Lake of Two Rivers - pretty much the same!

Snow on the Rock Lake Road
Apparently there are some big washouts from the January floods,
so many access roads could be in rough shape

Smoke Lake, seen through the power lines off Hwy 60

Hey! Open water! OK, it's beaver pond but it's a start...

Cow moose and two calves seen from Hwy 60.
Keep a watchful eye for deer and moose if you are driving!

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