Monday, April 07, 2008

Going, going, going...

But not gone.

Last week's rain was followed by several days of beautiful sunny warm weather, which has led to a huge reduction of the snowpack. Many south facing slopes are bare but there is still deep snow in the woods and solid white ice on all local lakes. Rivers are open but not at full flood levels - much of the snow is evaporating rather than melting.

Ice out predictions haven't changed much. The 14-day trend forecasts slightly below-average temps for our area, so melting will continue, but slowwwwwly.

Recent signs of spring:
  • Several robins were spotted in Oxtongue Lake today. I spotted redpolls, gulls and a great blue heron earlier in the week.
  • I stopped wearing a toque to work, now wearing the ball hat.
  • I have to wipe the dog's muddy paws every time he enters the house.
  • The neighbours reported seeing a moose cow and newborn calf hanging out near Ravenscliffe Road, just outside of Huntsville. Drive carefully!
  • Ragged Falls is spectacular, as you can see from the photos taken yesterday.
Here are a few more recent photos:

Ragged Falls from the top, taken April 6.
The ice formations won't last long!

The sun is slowly melting the big snow piles
at the Oxtongue Lake store

Solid white ice where the canoe should be

Oxtongue Lake, on April 7, from
just in front of Algonquin Outfitters

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