Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ice out?

Hmmm. My informants in Algonquin Park are not at work today, so I can't get an "in-person" ice report. Thanks to modern technology, the daily satellite photos covering the Great Lakes area can provide considerable information. The two images below were taken yesterday. If you look closely at the first, you can see grey ice on major lakes like Opeongo, Cedar and Lavielle. The next image is from four hours later, taken at about 4 pm EST. In my humble opinion, all those lakes look black, not grey. Based on the condition of larger lakes near Huntsville, which are essentially open, with the odd mass of "black ice" floating about, I would speculate that lakes in Algonquin Park are also filled with black ice (local term for what scientists call, very scientifically, "rotten ice") and all that is needed is a little wind to disperse it. Once that happens, canoe season in Algonquin Park will be up and running. Just don't fall in the water!

Algonquin Park from wayyyyy up, around noon on April 21.
Opeongo Lake is the greyish body just right and below of centre.

Same view, four hours later. The grey is gone!

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