Monday, April 17, 2006

What a difference a few days make!

Here's a short ice update - we hope to have pictures tomorrow.

Huntsville area lakes, including Lake of Bays: ice free

Oxtongue Lake: about half open. There are big sheets
of ice floating around the southern end of the lake and the bay in front of our store . Given the weather forecast I would predict that Oxtongue Lake will be completely open in the next few days.

Algonquin Park (lakes that can be seen from Hwy 60):
  • Smoke Lake: ice-covered with about 20' of open water around the shoreline
  • Lake of Two Rivers: half open. This lake, like Rock Lake, is part of the Madawaska River system and has a a lot of flow in and out of each end, helping move things along.
  • Opeongo Lake: I'll have a first hand report, and hopefully pictures, tomorrow.
  • Canoe Lake: check the Electric Penguin report
Public safety message:

Just because there is open water doesn't mean it is a good idea to go boating. Water levels are extremely high at the moment and water temperatures extremely cold. These factors combine to make any boating activity, especially canoeing and kayaking, a risky undertaking.

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