Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ice going quickly along Hwy 60!

Our Opeongo Store manager, Jerry Schmanda, took these pictures on his way to and from Opeongo yesterday. After many seasons watching ice-out in Algonquin Park, Jerry predicts,
"If the current heat wave continues, every lake will be open by opening day."

For those of you not plugged in to trout angler jargon, "opening day" is the first day of trout season in Algonquin Park. Always the last Saturday in April, the date for this year is April 29.

Check the weather and hope that he is right!

Tea Lake fom Hwy 60 - half open with black ice

Smoke Lake on April 17 - ice covered but going quickly

Black ice on Cache Lake - April 17

Broken ice floating around on Lake of Two Rivers

South Arm of Opeongo Lake on April 17- looking good for opening day!

A sure sign of spring: moose watchers spotted in Algonquin Park
(we don't recommend getting that close!)

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