Saturday, July 09, 2011

The first Meanest Link trip of 2011 starts tomorrow!

This just in from Mark Rubino, one of the six paddlers starting the two longest sections of the Meanest Link canoe trip on Sunday, July 10:


Track our group of 6 guys live, as we paddle and portage our way up to and through Algonquin Park on one of the toughest canoe routes imagined, "The Meanest Link".

At times though-out the 15 day trip, the tracking signal may disappear from time to time, due to travel through the forest or  other subsequent unintended obstruction of the transmitting device.

Once camp has been established for the day, An "OK" signal will be transmitted, indicating that all is well and that the tracking device will most likely be turned off for the night as no more movement is expected for the rest of that day.

Wednesday July 20th is a rest day so do not expect any substantial movements to track.

In addition to the regular "Spot" tracking web page, there is also the "Spot Adventures" tracking web page, with an interface that is less obtrusive.

The Spot Tracking page URL:

The "Spot Adventures" URL is here:

Mark Rubino

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