Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Algonquin update: ice, moose and fish.

Now that the Opeongo Store is open (even if the lake isn't) our roving reporter Jerry Schmanda can send us reports on conditions as they evolve:
Yesterday's report...
A quick update as to fishing results on opening day, April 23, 2011. Very few fisherman's cars were parked along Hwy 60 and the day hiking trails were empty. It was a windy raw day that made you think that underwater would be a better place to be. None of the smaller lakes are ice free.
Everyone we spoke to that went out fishing caught fish! One party fished from out on the ice and caught a few. The others all caught some from shore. So far so good. Nobody was skunked!
Today's report....
Algonquin Ice Out? Not yet.  All the lakes along Hwy 60 are still ice covered with some areas opening up due to the currents from small creeks and rivers. Lake of Two Rivers shows the most progress so far. Canoe Lake looks as though it might open by June! Lake Opeongo now has two resident loons, both are in the only open water, near our docks. The first wood ducks were seen on the creek that parallels the Opeongo Road today. Upon arriving at the store, I was greeted by the unmistakable calls of an Eastern Phoebe from a nearby pine tree. Two wolves were seen yesterday near the Visitor Center and a Pine Marten was spotted sniffing around on the Opeongo Road early this morning.
Algonquin Park's Annual Easter Moose Jam took place today near the intersection of Hwy 60 and Rock Lake Road. It was the least the two moose could do for all the people that drove hours to see one.
TAF (that's all folks) from Opeongo,

Pictures from today, April 24, 2011. All photos by Jerry Schmanda .

Looking east on Tea Lake from Hwy 60
Cache Lake boat launch
Lake of Two Rivers. There's a big crack between the island and the point
Easter Moose Jam on Hwy 60
Costello Lake - people were walking on it today
Male and female wood ducks on Costello Creek
There is enough open water to launch a water taxi!
But not quite enough to go very far...

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  1. Great report and photos....I have a crew of photographers coming up for Sunday and let's hope the Moose are not too shy!!!!!!So is Costello Creek near the Opeongo Rd.?????can you see it from the road????? Just in case the Moose are not co-operative we can at least get shots of birds....

    Thanks for any info passed on!