Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wake up groundhogs! The ice out reports for Algonquin Park begin!

The shadows are getting longer every day.
Ice out bloggers must be telepathic. Or at least, "on the same page." As I drove along Hwy 60 yesterday afternoon, admiring the snow covered lakes in Algonquin Park, it occurred to me that I better start gearing up for another fun season of ice-out blogging.

I stopped at Smoke Lake, took a few pictures and thought about posting them today to help people get in the "ice out" frame of mind. I can tell you, it will take me a while to start thinking spring, having just returned returned from four days of amazing skiing at Jay Peak, Vermont, where I participated in a social media experiment called the Northeast Ski Blogger Summit.

This morning I discovered that I had been scooped! The other regular (and highly dedicated) ice-out blogger is Jefferson Ridpath, a Canoe Lake cottager. His site is completely focused on the Canoe Lake ice-out, and you can even enter his "ice-out prediction contest."

As the photos will tell you, Algonquin Park is still firmly in the grip of winter but it is never to early to think spring and get your water taxi booked for spring trout fishing season in Algonquin. If you haven't followed these ice-out reports before, feel free to read tales from previous seasons by clicking here. If cabin fever has you gripped, hop in the car, drive in our direction and enjoy some skiing and snowshoeing on the many lovely trails in and around Algonquin Park.

Smoke Lake on March 8, 2011. It is still winter up here!


  1. How about this for a fun way to let other people know about your favorite ice out report.... also report it Journey North, an educational web project that tracks migrations and other signs of spring!

    Simply go to: and follow the links to "Report Observations". It's simple, fun, and won't (we promise) result in any "spam". Thanks!
    Harry Roberts - Journey North volunteer

  2. @ Harry: Thanks for the reminder about Journey North. It is a great site and a very interesting resource. I put a link to it on a post here way back in 2008 but it had slipped my mind until you mentioned it.

    Her's the earlier post:

  3. There's nothin like cross country skiing in and around the Algonquin Park Area.I lived in South River for many years and spent many winter days enjoying the great outdoors with a ski around "Bacon Lake" Beautiful country.Glad to say I was Born and raised in the North.Have a nice day everyone.