Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some nice fall photos

During the fall, Algonquin Park is a photographer's dream: the changing autumn colours, fantastic light and morning mist are just a few of the natural events that make it a special season. Photographer Paul Madden dropped by the Oxtongue Lake store the other morning and asked if he could take some pictures at our waterfront. Sure, why not? Paul sent me a few of the images and gave us permission to post them for all to see. I have to admit, when you can look out the office window and see views like this, life seems pretty good. All the images on this post are courtesy of Paul Madden and are protected by copyright.

Time to get on the water

Eerie morning mist and sun
The view from a tent cabin
Coffee and morning paper anyone?


  1. Brad Pears12:27 PM

    Absolutely fantastic shots!!!! Great job Paul!!! A true photographer is one who can "see" a potential shot long before actually taking it. Paul told me that he knew a long time ago that this would someday be a great spot to stop and take some early morning pics - and was he ever right!!!

  2. Diane2:14 PM

    Beautiful pictures Paul!! You sure have an eye for composition and a super picture.