Thursday, June 17, 2010

The official word on the G8 lockdown

This just in from Calum Rennie, of the G8 ISU Community Relations Group:

Residents of Huntsville can expect security measures to protect the G8 Summit to be put in place on the morning of June 23. They are currently planned to stay in place until June 27. This includes restrictions on traveling on a portion of Highway 60 and roads leading to the  Deerhurst Resort. See the map of alternate routes on our website ( (editor's note: see my recent blog post with map and Google Map of alternate routes).

Additional security measures could be put in place in other specific areas a few days prior to June 23. This includes restrictions on marine activities on Peninsula Lake that will begin on June 20.

There will not be any security-related parking restrictions in the downtown core of Huntsville during the G8 Summit. The Integrated Security Unit will have additional police officers in the area to help with the flow of traffic.

Residents can contact the Community Relations Group at 1-888-446-4047 or via email at or for more information or to relay concerns.
 Here are a few shots I took recently of the security corridor on Hwy 60, around Deerhurst Resort:

Waiting our turn to drive through the fence construction zone

 Entering the security zone. 
The fence to the left goes right through my friend's property

 Inside the fence. Eastbound traffic waits it turn, 
including the mysterious white van with the satellite dish on top.

 Next morning, I was first in line and got to follow this guy. 
Note fence still under construction.

 If you are lucky enough to live along this section of the road, 
this is what your driveway looks like.

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