Sunday, May 09, 2010

There's snow time like the present...

OK, so I know that I was blabbing on about the nice weather in the post and luring all you unsuspecting canoeists up to Algonquin Park. Today, we in the middle of a cold snap and winter has made a (hopefully) brief return.

What you might have seen along the trail this morning 
(dog not included)

There are still many people out in the park on canoe trips. This type of weather only underscores the need to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE Algonquin Park weather. If you are prepared with proper clothing and gear, make sound travel decisions and have a flexible plan, there is no reason you cannot enjoy a safe, reasonably comfortable trip, even in inclement weather. On the other hand, inexperience, poor judgment, overly ambitious route plans and inadequate gear are a recipe for an unpleasant experience.

A somewhat chilly forecast for the season

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