Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The view from Hwy 60

Larry the Lawyer emailed the other day after seeing my pictures from April 16:
Geez, will you tell Gordon enough already with the snowy pictures on the blog. I took a photo of those same canoes on the AO Winter Fun Day and there was less snow.
Larry won't be happy with this report but I feel compelled to tell it like it is. Our staff are now in at the Opeongo Store, getting things ready for the opening of the season. They report that Opeongo is still iced over, though there is open water in the bay near the access. Ice thickness is about 12". There was a lot of wind and rain last night so things will be changing quickly in the next few days. Temperatures on Friday and Saturday are expected to be in the 20s!
Lake of Two Rivers on April 20

Costello Lake, just off the Opeongo Road

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