Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dreaming of canoe tripping?

Don't try this on dial-up...

All this mild weather has people thinking about canoe tripping more than skiing and snowshoeing. On one of my periodic scans of the Algonquin Adventures forums, I found two very interesting links. By the way, if you haven't discovered Algonquin Adventures, take a look. It is a very comprehensive and useful site with lots of trip planning information, route ideas, trip logs and more.

The first is a link to NOAA satellite imagery, updated every day or so. The link is
here (thanks to "Markus"). Just click on the thumbnail that looks the least cloudy. You can zoom in a bit and pick out major lakes in the area (it may not be Google Earth but at least the images are almost live). It's a good test of your knowledge of Algonquin Park lakes. What a handy tool for ice-out canoe trip planning!

Here's another one of a 1908 Algonquin Park map (thanks to "Bob M"). While not recommended for navigation, it is very interesting to see old cultural features, place names, rail lines and especially different lake names. Algonquin Outfitters is very proud to possess an original version of this map from 1934. It is very similar, though with a few updates. Ours is framed and on display in the outfitting room at the Oxtongue Lake store. If you are interested in seeing this piece of park history, drop by and ask one of our staff to show you the map.

See you on Green Lake next summer!

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