Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We've got kayaks!

A couple of weeks ago, a big truck pulled up in front of the Oxtongue Lake store. Inside were 94 shiny new kayaks and canoes from our friends at Confluence Watersports, the distributor for Dagger, Perception and Mad River Canoe (to mention a few).

Empty truck = big pile of boats!

We are really excited about the new models, as they feature improved seats, lighter weight hulls (which I noticed right away unloading the truck!) and a few changes to the line-up.

While we do have all these new kayaks, there are still a few 2006 models left over at some great prices. A kayak will fit under a Christmas tree! Last year a customer bought his wife a kayak for Christmas and even wrapped it! If you'd like to find out more about what's available, call Randy at our Huntsville store: 1-705-787-0262, ext. 36.

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  1. Ekkk!!!! can I put my bid on a Dagger 12ft. Axis....for Xmass Please!!!!!!!