Thursday, July 27, 2006

Algonquin reservations up and running, almost...

After a wild storm on July 17, the phone lines and reservation system for Algonquin Park were shut down. Apparently the cell tower at Cache Lake was struck by lighting, caught fire and the fibre optic cables severely damaged. This happened a year to the day after a wild storm that knocked down 40 trees in our back property.

In this year's big storm, tragically, one camper was killed by a falling tree. Several other people were injured and many other stories of close calls are emerging. The road in to our Brent store was closed for almost two days due to fallen trees and canoeists will find that many portages now have trees blocking the way. Damage was worst in the north end of the park and was widespread in north-central Ontario. The town of Mattawa declared a state of emergency after the storm!

Repair crews have been working hard to repair the the damaged cable and interior reservations can be now be made (call 1-888-668-7275). Algonquin roadside campground reservations are not available as of this blogging. Check the Ontario Parks blog for updates.

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