Thursday, June 01, 2006

Big fish

Some folks claim there are no big fish left in Algonquin Park. Well, they are out there and responsible anglers are catching and releasing them. Our "secret lake" policy applies to this and all other fish pictures we post but I can reveal the following details, supplied by AO customer, Jeff B., who took the picture:

Per our conversation earlier today here is the picture. As we said, it was a big fish, especially for 8lb test. "Lake X" is fantastic. We'll be back next year. Thanks for all your help and the great way you present your organization. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

1. Date caught May 18 2006

2. Fish caught by Daryl M. - Toronto Firefighter

3. Fish was released with pride to be caught again another time.

4. Lure was a red devil with cheese dipped in rum - you can fish this high
or you can fish it low.

5. Fish was weighed, but digital scale only went to 16 lbs, and then
errored out. No measurements were made, but fish was an easy 20+ lbs.
Daryl would not have landed this fish if he didn't have the help from Mike W., his fishing partner that day. Mike got his line in quickly and started to paddle just before the Laker spooled Daryl. Thanks again to Mike.

(Another note about the whole week our party was in the interior. Five
of us spent four full days fishing. We fished an average of seven hours each day (5 X 7 = 35 per day X 4 days = 140 hours, give or take) and caught a total
of 131 fish, including nine Specks. Not bad for using Red Devils and Cheese.
As Daryl says, you can fish this lure high or you can fish it low, either
way, you need to fish it slow.)

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