Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From ice to bugs...

First of all, thanks to many faithful readers of this blog for their positive feedback on the ice-out story. This blogging is time-consuming and more work than you might think, so it is heartening to know that people are out there reading and appreciating it.

I've a number of requests for blog reorts on the black fly hatch. Here's the first one. Along with early ice-out and warm weather come early spring flowers, dropping water levels, and yes folks, black flies. They have emerged at my house, just outside of Huntsville, but we've had no reports of bugs in Algonquin Park yet. I'd give them a week or so, unless the weather turns cold, which could delay things a bit. The good news is that they don't bite for the first few days, even though they are quite annoying. Several days later they start looking for their blood meal.

For more Black Fly information:
  • The Maine Nature News has some great information and FAQs on black flies. I wholeheartedly agree with the "personal philosophy" expressed by editor Frank Wihbey (near the bottom of the page). Substitute "Algonquin Park" for "Maine" and the philosphy will work up here.
  • Hardcore black fly enthusiasts should enter the annual Black Fly Hunt in South River, Ontario
  • Keep your spirits up by singing the Black Fly Song by Wade Hemsworth. His niece is our book-keeper!

"Two Worlds," courtesy of Steve Baker
This is the kind of weather we've been having lately.

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