Saturday, June 04, 2005

No blog for a while - gone canoeing!

Our favourite insects, the dragonflies, hatched in great numbers yesterday. This is always a good sign. These voracious winged predators are not only beautiful to look at but they feed on smaller insects, like black flies and mosquitoes. For some reason, black flies have not been too much of a problem this year, probably due to the hot dry weather. Mosquitoes are out earlier than usual but most people have a greater tolerance for them.

Your faithful blogger is going on a canoe trip next week, so this blog will not be updated again till June 16th or so. My wife and I are off to Lake Superior Provincial Park for a little coastal paddling on the big lake. In a canoe of course! We have our own Swift Winisk equipped with a custom spray cover. I haven't figured out whether the dog will ride on or under the cover yet - we'll see! The 4 degree C (maybe 38 F) water tends to keep the bugs down near the shore but does put a damper on any swimming ambitions.

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