Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sailing, sailing...

Our ace canoe repairman, Johnny Gall, just got back from an ice-out fishing trip, up on the "western boundary" of Algonquin Park. They didn't have much luck fishing, what with the crazy weather last week (hail, snow, wind, rain) but did have an amazing canoe sailing experience on Ralph Bice Lake. He and his two friends were travelling in three solo canoes, so they lashed the craft together and rigged up a huge tarp for a simple downwind sail. The wind was fairly strong, and they got going so fast they almost ran into on the remaining ice at the far end of the lake. Forty-five minutes from teh Hambone portage to the east end of the lake is very good time.

Campers on shore came out from under their tarps to witness the wild episode and one wag shouted at them, "don't you know this is a "no-wake" zone!"

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